Friday, June 17, 2011

Excision - Darkness (feat. Subvert)


"My chair suddenly transformed into a massage-chair." the sound.. of THE DARKNESS
Well, not everyone will like this, i guess. But I think its pure awesome. The beat will punch you in the nuts. I once heared this song at a party of a friend of mine who has a pretty good subwoofer (standing inside the house) and we were all sitting outside. The song started and at 0:30 all went: "OOOWWWW! Wtf was that?!" So I hope you have a good subwoofer ;-)
By the way, i uploaded a Top30 of my favourite dubstep-tracks if you are interested tell me, you´ll get the link 

in addition...WALLPAPER! yay \o/


  1. New stuff! Very nice. Thx for the share and the wallpaper. A w hole planet crashed in the ocean!(just kidding)

  2. awesome sound and i love the wallpaper

  3. Nice track, I've seen the wallpaper before though, it's a good one.

  4. My speakers suck too much to hear the song in its glory, but nice wallpaper :P

  5. Epic bass shaking my room!