Sunday, July 24, 2011

Modestep - Feel good

Thought u might wanna see this awesome vid. Song is from Modestep - Feel good.The title fits pretty good in my opinion :D
Its again, from UKF. Download is available on Itunes. The link is in the youtube description.

Here your wallpaper :

Sunday, July 17, 2011

UKF vs DubMayhemUK

                      WeSpeakProse - Rain 

 Doublepost! 2 youtube-dubstepchannel, 2 songs.

The first one is "WeSpeakProse - Rain". It was uploaded yesterday from MayhemUK. The song has a nice dark bass and some great drops. Together with the female voice and the violin parts a realy harmonic and maybe deep atmosphere is created. Listen and enjoy.

The 2nd song is "Calvin Harris - Feel So Close (Nero Remix)" uploaded the day before yesterday from UKF. Its just the typical british ufk-dubstep which i love so much (:

So tell me people, which one do you like more? Both of them have agitating lyrics in my opinion and a calming character. And they come both from the lovley british island :D

Nevertheless, here´s your wallpaper:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cookie Monsta - Optimus Prime


Saw the new Transformers last monday. Think this songs fits pretty well. The film was awesome btw, you should go see it ;)
Cookie Monsta is definatly the dark kind of dubstep, little children are afraid of this kind of music. me gusta
anyways here is your wallpaper :D

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Modestep - Sunlight (Official Video)

                                      "My neighbours listen to Dubstep, because they have to."
And again, the song is from UKF!
The vid is pretty weird. Kinda fascinated me though. :D
Got my new soundsystem today, a Edifier S550D. My neighbours ll have to listen to dubstep now, too.
Awesome bass, everything is shaking in my room.fuck yeah. My subtenant just knocked on my door and asked if i could turn down the volume xD

And a wallpaper ofc