Thursday, June 30, 2011


The song is from -surprise- UFK: Dj Fresh - Louder (Doctor P and Flux Pavillion Remix)

These guys can dance fairly impressive. Incredible moves. I love the popping dancestyle. I think they have kind of a dance group and the one with the red cap is the captain. He has uploaded a bunch of great Dubstepdanceclips on youtube, his channel is . Check him out if u want :D

Here the wallpaper:
Its a picture taken from the ISS, the stars are edited but the rest is original. Looks amazing imo.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jess Mills - Live For What I'd Die For (Distance Remix)

New from UKF. I had to listen to it twice, didnt like the first time. Now its one of my favourits.
Jess Mills has a fairly good voice!
Tell me if u prefer this kind of Dubstep (with female vocals etc) or the dark kind (like Excision/Subvert...)?

and ofc your wallpaper ;)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Excision - Darkness (feat. Subvert)


"My chair suddenly transformed into a massage-chair." the sound.. of THE DARKNESS
Well, not everyone will like this, i guess. But I think its pure awesome. The beat will punch you in the nuts. I once heared this song at a party of a friend of mine who has a pretty good subwoofer (standing inside the house) and we were all sitting outside. The song started and at 0:30 all went: "OOOWWWW! Wtf was that?!" So I hope you have a good subwoofer ;-)
By the way, i uploaded a Top30 of my favourite dubstep-tracks if you are interested tell me, you´ll get the link 

in addition...WALLPAPER! yay \o/

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feed Me - Strange Behaviour (ft. Tasha Baxter)

Thats a really good dubstepsong uploaded also from UKF. If u like it, u could subscribe to the Youtube- UFKdubstepchan. A pretty good channel. Theres a downloadlink in the description of the UFK vid, but u´ll have to pay 4 it i guess.
Get a youtubetomp3 converter :D

in addition an epic wallaper!
hf with it :>